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Hello, i'm sekar, that's it. just enjoy my posts and thanks for visiting my blog :D


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These Are What You Get, Baby
Written at Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | 0 opinions | back to top


Ehem. Sorry lebay hehe.

Today was the best day of the week. Oh my God.. oh my God.. I really excited about two news I've got today. Yieaay!!

Well, okay. The first great news is.. this.


I'm one of 200 bloggers who will go to Kambing Jantan The Movie's premiere! yeaaayy!
Can you find my name there? Or maybe you find Cemara, Monic and Bena there. Well, they also get the ticket so maybe we (Cemara, Monic and I. Not really sure about Bena hehe) will be there together. Hehe.

I've told my dad about this. And until I posted this story, he allowed me to go. I hope he won't change his mind. Amin. Hueh.

Anywaaay, the second great news is..

I will dance saman at school to represent all middle school students in Jakarta or even Indonesia. Goodness.. I was really glad until feeling dizzy for hearing this excited news. Sooo.. for next 7 days, I'll practice and practice again to get the best performance on the show. Fiuuhhh.. Will be so tired because some else things (actually these annoyed me). But I'm happy, really happy for these! yeaaaayyy. Once more, TYSM God, ILY! hehe

Change the topic. Dad was mad at me because.. my mobile bill of this month is.. blowed up. I mean, this month's bill is.. more than 100 bucks of rupiah and.. wew.
And it's because I did sms-an too over--as my dad claimed. Well yeah, I know it.
But, dad talked about Ju on this prob. He said 'pacaran tuh yang gratis aja, nggak bisa?' bahahahahahahaha. lol. Dating without texting my darl, wth? hihi. Sorry dad.. -__-

*What'll happen if my mom read this? Hmm..

-xoxo, Vany Naura :D-

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