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Hello, i'm sekar, that's it. just enjoy my posts and thanks for visiting my blog :D


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This Week Was Hard, And I Wasn't As Though As You Knew.
Written at Saturday, August 07, 2010 | 3 opinions | back to top

Happy belated birthday, John O'Callaghan. I actually made this on last Sunday and sent it to @TheMaineIndo's email because they said the wanted to send the signs to John (I actually am the admin too but I'm not that active like I do to @patdina, sorry kak Resty :[ ). But I don't see they have sent it soo I post it here.
I didn't post the sign last Wednesday (his birthday was on August 4th) because I was too busy with school and ATL concert ehehe.

Anyway, talking about All Time Low concert here, it was really great! In a condition, poor Rocket Rockers--the opening act--because they got 'boo' and everyone yelled 'ALL TIME LOW' when they're performing. But they were soooooo lucky! They had a chance to perform together with All Time Low singing Blink 182's Dammit. Dayum, so lucky to be Rocket Rockers!

I regret that I watched the concert from tribune class. Right after watching the concert and seeing everything happened in the festival class, I really wished I was there. Without becoming in the moshing pit, absolutely. Oh yes, there was some kind of moshing stuffs by silly audiences.

Other story about last Wednesday, two of my friends got ATL's meet and greet pass. One was Fira and the other was Karina. Since I met Karina first and I knew she got the pass, I suddenly wanted to give them something and also I want their autograph. So I wrote something on my paper and gave it to Karina so she could give it to the band. And soooo, I found this on my twtter mention page in te next morning

It's Alex Gaskarth's with his '<3 you' and Rian Dawson's. Dude, Alex writes good, not like Gabe lol j/k. Thank you so much, Karina, btw :)

Last story, this week was hard. I thought I'd be happy this week but, unfortunately, I wasn't. Maybe that's my bad because showing my anger too much. I have to change.

See you nect time people. Who's going to Java Rocking Land or Jakarta Jam, anyway? Tell me! :D

xoxo, Vany Naura

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