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Have A Blast One!!
Written at Monday, May 24, 2010 | 0 opinions | back to top

I have no time to make and upload a new greeting card for the birthday boy today. Even I used an old greeting picture for yesterday's birthday dude. Hella yes, many people just growing older these days :)

Well okay, for today, let's wish happy birthday to the birthday dudes: Tanner Howe of Disco Curtis and Jessica Maylinda, a friend of mine at LIA. I miss you both, cool guys. Hope you get all you need this year, be a better and cooler person. Love you mwah mwah :*

Let's talk about some new updates, uhm, I'm not going to talk about bad news (I know you know what currently happened to B.J. Habibie's wife yesterday. And I'm surely saying sorry to know about that. Hope she rests in peace, amen), so let's talk about something fun.


Oh okay. I'll be in saman dance competition next wednesday and my feet just hurt because of today's practices. Fortunately I can walk perfectly but when I touch my thighs, it's like 'asdfghjjkl; sooo damn hurt!' I wish I can do my best on the competition. Amin and amin.

I think that's all for today. I'm on a chat with my Sissy Ayutta right now, talking about something excited for my babies (read: the street teams). Catchyalata!

xoxo, Vany Naura

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