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Dani Won't be In The Race!
Written at Sunday, July 20, 2008 | 0 opinions | back to top


Dani wont be in the race. He got an accident last race ( GP Germany). Something happened with his ankle and his hands. I hope he get better soon.

FYI, this is the first time Dani hasn't started the race since the end of 2003 when he was forced out of the final 125cc contests of the year in Australia and Valencia with broken ankles.

Yaah, I just cant say anything. I just can support him from here (siapa gue?), and hope the best thing of everything for him (again and again,, siapa gue??).

The optimist thing of this news is, I shouldn't get up earlier (kalo nonton, gue mesti bangun jam setengah 4 pagi.. rajin banget gue..) to see what I don't like to see. I won't see Stoner win the race and Adriana's sweet smile to Casey.
But, I hope Rossi can beat Stoner well, and so it won't make Stoner be the first of classement. Rossi, lo harus berbelasungkawa buat Dani (siapa Rossi?? He must beat Dani too, to be the champion!). Yahh, Hope everything well...

If you want to know the result of qualifying practice, here is it.

1st. C. Stoner (AUS/Ducati)
2nd. V. Rossi (ITA/Yamaha)
3rd. N. Hayden (USA/ Repsol Honda)
4th. J. Lorenzo (SPA/Yamaha)
5th. J. Toseland (GBR/Tech3 Yamaha)
6th. R. De Puniet (FRA/ LCR Honda)
7th. C. Edwards (USA/ Tech3 Yamaha)
8th. C. Vermeulen (AUS/ Rizla Suzuki)
9th. A. Davisiozo (ITA/ JiR Team Scot)
10th. T. Elias (SPA/ Alice team)

Oh! Hayden is there! Hayden, harusnya elo yang berusaha menang demi Dani. Kalo lo nggak menang, siapa lagi dari Repsol Honda yang bakal menang? Only for this time, Nicky ^^.

BTW, Inalillahi wa inailaihi rojiun, turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya Mama dari Wulan, temen sekolah gue. Hari ini, nggak tau jam berapa tepatnya. Soalnya gue telat baca sms nya. Hehehe. But, so sorry to hear that. Wulan, yang tabah ya, sayangku.. :]

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