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Hello, i'm sekar, that's it. just enjoy my posts and thanks for visiting my blog :D


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What A Big Bad Day Arrrggghh
Written at Friday, October 24, 2008 | 4 opinions | back to top


Whoa, finally I'm here again writing on my official blog. Ahe ahee!! HAHAHA.
Anyway, I just wanna share something to you all. Something that makes me uhhmm.. dizzy, stress, depressed. Nyeh.

Well, something happened with my pc, my internet connection and the browsers. I thought the problem is on the connection. I'm using fastnet (first media). It alwaaayyys dc at least twice a day. OMG it realy makes me wanna scream "AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!" then mad (as rabbit, lol). After that I would say, "monyet ni fastnet abaall pengen gue bakar trus gue lenyapiiinn!!!!" Oh well sorry guys (emosi lebay).

When I told this prob to my friend, he just said, "itu gara-gara dirutnya fastnet korupsi kali, Van. Jadinya berantakan gitu. Haha." Shit. KENAPA SIH HARUS ADA KORUPTOR???!!! They just make my life worse, dang dang dang.

Because of it, I can't finish my works immediately. In fact, I have lots of things to do. You know, many internet stuffs such as friendster, myspace, facebook, blog, chat, etc. Yah, I know those aren't important. But for me, yes. Those all are some ways to make my life happier, lol.

So what should I do? Should I just calm down then don't do anything? Huaaahhh..

Oh well, I'm dizzy now. And my stomache's coming again and it's really hurt me. Huhuhu. So guys, bubye and see ya!

Nb.: Sori ya kalo English gue berantakan. Abis gue lagi pengen posting pake English walaupun gue tau gue payah hehe. Kalo misalnya ada yang salah kasih tau, ya! Biar guenya makin pinter ehehehehe :D. Trus, pas bikin posting ini aja gue dc EMPAT KALI. Oh My Goodness salah saya apa sih?

-xoxo, Vany Naura :D-

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