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Wah, Thanks God, You Made My Day!
Written at Friday, November 14, 2008 | 0 opinions | back to top

I really love to thank to God after what He has gave to me. My favorite gives is what I got yesterday, something that I just could wonder of it before.

Now I believe that God always know what's the best thing for me. He would give all my wishes (the good wishes of course), he would make me learn something everyday, he would make me know what's the best for me so I can choose my own obsession, my own passion, my own goal, all my own.

Well, for the latest God's gives, I'd really thank to a friend, who has made me could get the give. She's one of the way to get one of the wishes. I really really really happy to know her, and I hope she's happy to know me too. lol.

Guys, I have a paroxysms about what happened nowadays. Would you like to pray for me (for you too), wishing everything is good for us so we could get a best life ever? Well thank you so much for doing that :)

Catch you later!

-xoxo, Vany Naura :D-

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